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CA4-Mini Contactors

Features :
  • Minimum Size
  • Maximum Performance
  • Ease of installation and Maintenance
  • Wide variety of accessories
  • 45 mm(1.8”) wide x 48 mm(1.9”)high x48mm, (1.9”) deep.
  • AC and DC versions are the same size.
  • Addition of auxilliary contacts and timers , requires no extra panel space

Long Mechanical life

  • AC magnet system: 10 million operations.
  • DC magnet system: 20 million operations.
  • Electrical life: 700,000 operations at maximum AC3 operating current.
  • Control Relay includes bifurcated contacts for reliable low level switching

CA3 Contactors

Features :
  • Nine Contactors- cover upto 41kW @415vac AC3
  • Reliable operation in any desired position
  • Operationally reliable under vibration& shock- for use in vehicles & ships
  • Operating Temp. 60ºC at Rated Current



Features :
  • Simple,fast exchanging of coils even on mounted and wired contactors
  • No loose small components
  • Operating Temp. 60ºC at Rated Current

Thermal Overload Relay

Features :
  • Individual Calibration for Reliable Motor Protection - 3 Dial (Calibration Scales)
  • Dual Scales for Star-Delta Applications
  • Ambient Temp.compensation and differential tripping
  • Separate mounting Adapters/Relays available.
  • Operating Temp. 60ºC at Rated Current

CA 6 Contactors

Features :
  • Very low dimensions
  • Only two frame sizes for eight types
  • Fingerprotection IP 2LX, by using terminal blocks
  • Interlocked arching chamber
  • Not possible to switch if the arching chamber is disassembled
  • Not possible to release the arching chamber if the device is switched on.
  • Not possible to switch through the indicator
  • Operating Temp. 60ºC at Rated Current

CA5 High Current Contactor

Features :
  • Insulation voltage 1000V(Frame 5+6)
  • Compact Dimensions/Low weight.
  • Low Contact Bounce - Vertical magnet operation
  • Adjustable drop-out delay(Frame 5+ 6)
  • Low pick up and holding VA of magnet
  • Adjustable auxilliary contact delay
  • Switched position indicator(Frame 5+6)
  • High electrical and mechanical life
  • Availability of 4th. pole
  • Double coil system
  • Simple contact inspection
  • Operating Temp. 60ºC at Rated Current

Circuit Breakers KTA 3

Features :
  • Manual motor starter
  • Circuit breaker
  • Clearing at zero cross over
  • Current limiting
  • Circuit breaker for motor protection
  • Circuit breaker for cable and panel protection
  • Load switch
  • Disconnectors
  • Operating Temp. 60ºC at Rated Current
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